Dayle in Limoux – Day #35

    August 9, 2022

    Mary Magdalene from the Rennes-les-Chateau museum, once Abbot Bérenger Saunière’s living quarters.

    We are all part of the cruelty of the world. Even when we think we know nothing about it. We all carry a Hitler and a Yeshua in us [dualism]. At one time or another each person must stop and face their own failures and cruelties. Otherwise, they are just projected on. 

    It has to stop where f o r g i v e n e s s starts. 

    We all take park in the cruelties.

    -The Manuscript [2008], by Lars Muhl

    A trilogy, The Seer, The Magdalene, The Grail

    ‘We are gravity and grace.’

    Amnesty International reporting false information (gravity) from Ukraine, other journalists respond bewildered who know what they reported is wrong; it has given credence to Russia’s never-ending war propaganda. I am ending my support of Amnesty because of what they’ve done; it was reckless and dangerous.

    And reading the reporting and feedback in the U.S. after the FBI executes a search warrant at Maralago is almost humorous, if not so sad. Treating the one-time, twice impeached former president as some sort of deity beyond reproach, or the law, is absurd. The world is watching. The U.S. is a sad, sad joke.

    ‘It’s a war between those who create culture and those who destroy it, those who live a full human life and those who live in hatred, a war between the human and the inhuman.’

    -Bruno Maçães

    Bruno Maçães is a Portuguese politician, consultant and author.  His book, History has Begun (2020), is excellent.

    Being awake while the U.S. sleeps is profound really; the world seems at peace.





    We can’t get a break here in France, the U.K., many parts of Europe, as so many are experiencing across the planet. And severe droughts. Fires. We might get a bit of reprieve next week…in the 80’s. Until then, extreme heat again tomorrow and through Saturday at least.

    Tellement français! {So French!} 🌼

    In this heat, everything dries so quickly. There is very little air conditioning in France. People learn how to live with the heat. That’s why we see so many shutters on buildings…it’s for the weather, to keep their homes cool in the summer, warm in the winter. They’re energy conscious, too. Clotheslines, not dryers. Long mid-day breaks when the heat is strongest, and the sun, too. The pace is so much slower. And kinder. (And the cars so much smaller.)

    Some tips from NPR readers on how they stay cool without A/C:

    1. Spray water

    2. Sleep in a wet sheet

    3. Sleep outdoors

    4. Deflect the sun

    5. Eat cold food

    6. Lay on a tile floor

    7. Spray cologne

    8. Catch a movie

    9. Do laundry by hand (I do!)

    10. Box fans

    11. Freeze water bottles

    Covid, Monkeypox, Climate Breakdown. Summer of Fun! Ooh, la la. 🌞

    And, Heading for the second full moon (!) in France while the sun is in Leo, the ‘Lion’s Gate.’ La Lune.

    Also known as the Sturgeon moon, this is the final super moon of the year. This big energy can help you to honor a bid for power with gratitude for what is fueling your new steps forward. That fuel is made up of all the lessons you have learned, the choices you have made, and all that you have accomplished and experienced in your life. The gratitude is for the abundance you have manifested in all areas. Take this gratitude and use it to feed your courage and determination.

    Be as practical as you can with your choices and decisions moving forward and consider others as you plan ahead. This moon is relationship-oriented so stay out of conflict and move towards supportive, cooperative companionship instead. It is always a good idea to spend time in nature and contemplation in order to connect deeply with yourself and your true intentions. -Power Path

    [Full Moon is Thursday, August 11th.]

    Bonne nuit.


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