Dayle in Limoux – Day #51

August 25, 2022

Day #51 spent not walking, trying to heal the blisters from my 6 kilometer vertical climb yesterday to the magical space that is Saint-Salvayre. Also, keeping my feet in the pool water that is naturally fed from the healing waters in Alet-les-Bains, and the added sel (salt) in the water. I truly think it helped; I can at least walk this evening. And thank you to Rita and George who are staying here at Les Marguerites and brought me some bandages on their return from their day at Carcassonne. My two Bains-Aid strips I brought didn’t last too long. So sweet.

Just about finished with the book from Graham Simmans who lived at Rennes-les-Chateau for 15 yeas, researching, writing, and excavating ruins in Egypt. It’s antithetical to Pauline Christianity and many would consider heretical. Yet, we’ve learned ‘heretic’ means to choose. Many who chose the alternate from Roman Catholic ideology were burned or the heads were threaded onto spikes. Graham’s book has been one epiphany and ‘right on’ after another.

Maybe I’ll find a way to summa the contents. I think I’ve underscored every line in the book. Fascinating and connects so many thoughts throughout history, from the first century of gnostic teachings, and the fabrications of Pauline Christianity. Paul kinda did his own thing. And Graham’s writings, for me, was the thread through so much research and writing.

And Allysha’s book:

Read in tandem. :) Allysha’s book will be a trilogy.

On my balcony in Alet-les-Bains at the villa of Les Marguerites. Our sole mission.

If you explore this region of France, you must visit this magical oasis in Alet-les-Bains. Antoinette and Keith have created this tranquil and other worldly place of healing and refuge for 15 years.

Then you can explore Languedoc and find your own historical connections. Gnosis.

Catching an early bus from Carcassone to Spain to see my dearest friend from college who’s in Barcelona for a couple of days…only 4 hours away! Alpha Phi ℒℴve. J’adore living in Europe. Pictures tomorrow!

Bonne nuit.


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