From Seth Godin…

April 10, 2015

Why not? 

If technology gives you the chance to speak up, build a platform and help show the way, why not use it?

If someone offers you a project or a job with more leverage and the chance to both learn and teach, why not take it?

If you can learn something new, more efficiently than ever before, if the opportunity to leap presents itself, why not?

Now is a good time.

Idaho Statesman

With feel-good drug Molly, the party can turn deadly…


The state Health and Welfare Department’s Idaho Youth Prevention Survey in 2014 showed that 13 percent of high school seniors had experimented with one or all of a half-dozen “hard drugs,” including Ecstasy. Other drugs in that category: cocaine, uppers, downers, heroin, meth and synthetics such as Spice.

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