Sun Valley Begins Antibody Testing

    April 8, 2020

    You have a chance to help others.  We have just announced the start of a clinical study to test for COVID-19 antibodies in our community. Please CLICK HERE for the press release. The clinical study is part of a collaboration with Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences and the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center to help further the fight against COVID-19. We are asking for volunteers to help with the research. Initially we are looking for 400 volunteers, although that could be increased in the future.
    Teamwork – that is what makes things happen. There are too many people to mention that have helped initiate this exciting academic study – and we are just getting started! Through community relationships, experts in the field and highly respected academic institutions, we have managed to put together a team of leading epidemiologists. However, it all starts at home. Fire Chief Bill McLaughlin and Blaine County Emergency Medical Director Terry O’Conner are spearheading this initiative. Further afield, we are delighted to be partnering with two outstanding academic institutions – I am thankful for the local connections that made this possible.

    -Ketchum Mayor Neil Bradshaw

    Antibody Study and Testing Begins in Blaine County

    KETCHUM, Idaho – The Ketchum Fire Department and Blaine County Ambulance District have partnered with the Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, and the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center to conduct a study that includes antibody testing for residents of Blaine County.

    The study will start with a random sample of 400 Blaine County residents to determine the prevalence of COVID-19 antibodies in symptomatic and asymptomatic individuals to determine how many asymptomatic, or silent, cases there are in the community.

    Officials emphasize this is a study; not a medical diagnosis, vaccine or guarantee of immunity to COVID-19.

    Initially, the study will analyze the total number of COVID-19 cases in the sample group compared to the number of cases tested. This information will help further the fight against COVID-19 to help scientists slow or stop the disease. It will also help discover if antibody presence confers immunity.

    Blaine County residents wishing to participate in the study, including the testing, may register at Residents will be screened and chosen for the study based on demographic criteria established for the study.

    Eventually, the study will provide information to the community on when it is safe to resume normal activity.

    “We are grateful for the efforts led by Ketchum Fire Chief Bill McLaughlin and Blaine County EMS Director Terry O’Connor to spearhead this study,” said Mayor Neil Bradshaw. “A keen interest from the partnering organizations and the perseverance of our Chief and EMS Director kept the ball rolling and made the testing a reality for our community.”

    Further analysis of the study will help to:

    • Determine whether there are indicators for predicting a mild or severe reaction to COVID-19
    • Determine the transmissibility of the virus
    • Predict the duration of a COVID-19 outbreak and whether herd immunity can be reached in a community
    • Develop vaccines for COVID-19
    • Determine if there is a correlation between certain classes of blood pressure medication and severity of illness

    “I am proud of the collaboration between Blaine County and our cities,” said Blaine County Commissioner Jacob Greenberg. “Not only will this testing in the County help the study, it is a chance for the volunteers to help friends, relatives, neighbors and ultimately, all of humanity.”


    Providing COVID-19 testing to workers deemed essential during this global pandemic. is a coordinated effort by Idaho businesses, innovators, and leaders to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Our mission is to procure testing specifically for Idaho companies to make it easier for essential workers to be tested. We have access to a large supply of test kits and are currently working to secure an antibody test that will be available soon. 

    WE ARE NOT a replacement for traditional doctors offices and others doing testing for individuals with symptoms or who meet other testing requirements.



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