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    September 4, 2017

    [photo: Nils Ribi]

    September 6: Full Moon is Wednesday, September 6 at 1:03AM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT). You can also honor this moon the night of the 5th. The full moon marks a time of intensity. They say that you should always face your opponent, your fear, your challenge head on without cowering or showing fear. Not that this full moon is anything to fear, however it does mark a time of big energy that can be quite emotional.

    We recommend that you use this moon to acknowledge courage, expansion, showing up and your own power and ability to change, adjust and be more. Use this full moon to energize your physical, emotional and spiritual self. Gather some chi from nature, from the sun, from the earth, the sky realm and all the unseen powers and allies around you. If you feel overwhelmed by the enormity, just acknowledge, accept and be OK with it. You’ll get used to it. It is like being sore after exercising a muscle that has not yet been used. If you continue, the discomfort will pass and you will be stronger for it.

    The fallout from the eclipse is being well worked. […] There is no going back to “business as usual” nor would you want to. It is best to be as proactive as possible during this time and really work at adjusting yourself and your universe to a new frequency and higher vibration. Not everyone will be capable of this. Get support if you need it, don’t take things personally and stay out of other people’s drama as much as possible. Watch for accidents, pay attention and be present.

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