Tommy Ahlquist in Hailey

September 29, 2017

Republican Idaho Gubernatorial candidate Tommy Ahlquist spoke at the Senior Connection in Hailey, Friday, Sept. 29th, as he continues a 44-county state tour in 44-days. He talked about his three-legged platform focused on jobs, education, and healthcare.






Audience Questions


Idaho’s Medicaid Gap & Compare/Contrast to Other Gubernatorial Candidates Brad Little and Raul Labrador


Idaho Governor in a Politically Polarized Nation


Trade/Vocation Education in Idaho


Four-Day School Week & Improving K-12 Funding


Senior Connection Medicaid Comment


Senior Employment


For more information about KTEC/Kootenai Technical Education Campus mentioned in question #3, visit


Turn it off.

‘Turn off your TV and think for yourself.’


[Social media, too; at the very least, be aware and a proactive consumer of news and information shared/posted on fb & twitter in context of alternate news and fake news infiltrating our virtual media.]

“A clinical psychologist on the anxiety our politics appears to be causing.”

To get practical: For individuals experiencing anxiety that causes significant distress or interferes with day to day life, it’s a good idea to see a mental health professional for a few sessions to get some strategies to cope. As a starting point, however, when we feel overwhelmed by political or other anxiety, it’s usually time to refocus on self-care.

“I would’ve said something.”

I believe what the self-centered have torn down, the other-centered will build up.


• • • •

“If I could have did something different, I would’ve said something. But that’s what evil depends on, good people to be quiet.”

Dr. William Lynn Weaver in Fayetteville, NC, speaking to the racism experience at his integrated school in 1964.

“Weaver has never been back to West High School since graduating 50 years ago. After hearing a StoryCorps interview that aired on NPR last month, the current principal reached out, and Weaver says he will return to the school in early 2018 to talk to the students about his experiences with integrating the school.”


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