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    November 23, 2016



    P.G. Sittenfeld


    The will of millennials did not prevail this election cycle, as seen in the map that went viral showing that if millennials alone decided the outcome, Hillary would have won.

    So the question now is: What can we do about it?

    One of the biggest and boldest actions is for more millennials to actually run for office.

    1. Know why you’re running
    2. Build your own team
    3. Hone your message
    4. Constantly seek feedback, including from people who disagree with you
    5. Yes, money matters
    6. Prepare for it to be all-consuming
    7. Getting the media’s attention isn’t easy
    8. Credibility is transferable
    9. You have to really, truly believe you will win
    10. Don’t let people discourage you




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