‘Let Donald Trump be our unifier.’

    March 23, 2016


    What will we do and what lengths will we go to, what collective imagination will we employ, what mighty love will we summon to ensure the ending of this violence, this hate, this destruction of our mother earth, this grotesque inequality of wealth, this mad and ferocious drive to our end?

    Here’s what Donald Trump is not:

    He is not us.

    He is not all of us.

    He is not the best of us.

    He is not inevitable.

    Let us take Trump at his word. Let him be our Unifier.

    Full article, from The Guardian: http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2016/mar/23/donald-trump-campaign-america-unifier-eve-ensler?CMP=share_btn_fb#_=_


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    One response to “‘Let Donald Trump be our unifier.’”

    1. Scott says:

      We NEED someone who speaks for the best of us . . . those who long for compassion in government, for re-prioritizing our national agenda, for putting money where it’s needed – not, where we’ve been lied-to in thinking it is needed, for an equitable redistribution of wealth Trump will only lead us to another period of flat-earth mentality. We know better.

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