MSNBC, Brian Williams, and Rachel Maddow

    June 18, 2015

    Heartbroken that Rachel Maddow has ‘welcomed’ Brian Williams to MSNBC. When she promoted she would share her thoughts tonight, I truly thought she would share her disappointment. Instead, she has welcomed a pathological liar to her network. Williams is a TV personality who gravitated to entertainment more than news, who had reportedly even shown interest in replacing Jay Leno. This is not about ‘redemption’, this is about leading a country from a platform that he has betrayed, not once, but multiple times. There is no place for him in journalism. None. He crossed the line. He shows characteristics of narcism, and I will not watch, or support him. Rachel was my new journalism hero – – I turned to MSNBC for the reporting and investigative journalism, however Brian Williams’ return to TV and to the MSNBC network has caused me to now turn away. I will no longer support MSNBC. This is a very sad day for me. Very sad. I have lost all respect for TV News and journalism – – I gave up on network news a while ago…CNN, as well. FOX? They have polarized our country. And now, MSNBC, and Brian Williams.

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