Dayle in Limoux – Day #37

August 11, 2022

Ruka d’koosha/Holy Spirit

Neshama (Hebrew: נשמה) is a Hebrew word which can mean “soul” or “spirit”. It may refer to: The Jewish notion of the soul.

‘Above the heart I saw a pyramid turned upside down. The triangle was made from the fire that is near quenched and the water from which all higher life springs through the imitations of the mystics. A symbol which I knew to be the symbol the Heavenly Source, the Creator, the Father/Mother, radiated from the top left edge o the triangle.

The symbol of the Heavenly Child, the Created, the Son/Daughter radiated from top, right edge of the triangle.

The symbol of Ruche d’koodsha, the Holy Spirt, radiated from the lower point of the triangle. At the same time, the whole triangle symbolized the three uppermost energy centers of the human being: the crown centre, brow centre and throat center.

Below the heart was an upright pyramid. This triangle was filled with earthy fire and the water from which transit life arises.

The masculine symbol radiated from the bottom, left edge and the feminine from the right one.

The symbol of Naphsha, the Higher Self, humanity’s connection upwards, the bridge to the higher worlds, radiated from the topmost point.

Within this triangle the human being’s lower centre of energy were presented, the root, sacral and solar plexus centre.

Both triangles slowly glided towards the heart.

The ★ with the ♡ was the sign of Marian Magdalene, the sign of the cosmic, feminine power. 

It was not until 1989 that I really began to recognize Mariam Magdalene’s rightful place in Christian mythology. My studies in early Christian and Gnostic writings told a story about a woman and a being that spoke directly to something deep inside me.’

[pp. 266-268]

[Love this book. It’s a trilogy in one hardback tome. This particular version is only available at the Rennes-les-Chateau book shop.]

A quintessential French evening with dinner and amazing wine and music with my new amis en France! So hot and so fun. ღ

The heatness continues, but! Look. Sunday. Happy Dancing. 80’s! 80’s is C O O L. :)

I so want to know the story on these tiles…so old, as is this building I’m living in. Did German soldiers march their boots across these floors when they occupied France and Limoux? The man who lived here before the current owner, was born in this home and lived here his whole life…90 years. He shared at the time of purchase that he remembers hearing their boots on the stairwell.

Read this story earlier today. How great the tourists left it in place, took a picture, and then reported it to the park staff.

The Sacramento Bee

Tourist at Little Bighorn battlefield finds piece of history buried in dirt, park says

[A Civil War General Service cuff button was found in the dirt by a visitor at Little Bighorn Battlefield Monument in Montana, the National Park Service says. National Park Service photo.]

‘A haunting bit of history was found by accident at the Little Bighorn battlefield where 263 U.S. soldiers — including Lt. Col. George Armstrong Custer — died fighting Lakota Sioux and Northern Cheyenne warriors in 1876. One of Custer’s soldiers must have lost a button 146 years ago, and it turned up Monday, Aug. 8, lying in the Montana dirt, according to the National Park Service. The battlefield is about 60 miles southeast of Billings.

Officials did not reveal where the button was found in the park, but note it counts as a battlefield artifact and “will go into the museum collection.” “These objects are still telling the story of the battle. If artifacts found on the field are removed or taken, that part of the story is lost,” park officials said. “The park is truly grateful for the visitors yesterday who reported the find.” “They did right thing. They left the button where it was found. They took a photo and reported it to park staff.”’

[full piece]








France firefighters battle ‘monster’ wildfire near Bordeaux

‘The blaze about 30km (19 miles) south-east of Bordeaux has gutted some homes and forced 10,000 residents to flee.

“It’s an ogre, it’s a monster,” firefighter representative Gregory Allione told France’s RTL Radio.

Strong winds and high temperatures are hampering the firefighting operation.

Sixty-five German firefighters have arrived from Bonn and others from Poland and Romania are expected in the fire zone soon.

“European solidarity at work!” President Emmanuel Macron tweeted.

France has nine water-bombing helicopters deployed and is also getting some firefighting aircraft from Greece and Sweden.’


‘More than 1,000 firefighters backed by water-bombing aircraft battled a ‘monster’ wildfire near France’s wine-growing heartland of Bordeaux for a third day, with no let-up in blistering temperatures seen before the weekend.’

Visegrád 24

‘France has asked for help amid a wildfire-crisis. Poland just announced that it will immediately send 146 firefighters, 49 fire engines and other vehicles.’

From Nika Melkozerova, New Voice Ukraine, executive editor.

‘I see so many Ukrainian flags here. Decided to buy Polish flag and hang it in my apartment in Kyiv. It is so valuable to see that people understand what you are going through. That they are with you. Poland rules.

I just hope we will be able to rebuild after war successfully, just like Poland.

Going to spend some money supporting Polish tourism industry) as my small thank you for all those Ukrainians you helped for free.’


Bonne nuit.

Democracy dies in darkness.

May 1, 2022

Finally, a publication digging deep and giving light to the social and cultural cancer that is Rupert Murdoch’s FOX news and specifically to the hate and darkness that is Tucker Carlson. This is the first of three parts, available to all, that is, not blocked by a pay wall. 

Please read and discover how a man who inherited his father’s broadcast talent only to turn his platform into a vehicle for hate and meanness to weaken, perhaps destroy, the fabric of our democracy, “you vs. them”…distrust of other…night after night, reaching three million views each broadcast, with his poisoned tentacles of disinformation, lies, and clouded deceit reaching across platforms and computers. Ideology? Maybe. More likely because he found a message that gave him the opportunity he wanted, to make money, millions. This is what he always wanted to have, especially after being abandoned by his mother, who “didn’t like him.” He allowed this personal darkness to shape his destiny, and ours. -dayle

How Tucker Carlson Stoked White Fear to Conquer Cable
April 30, 2022
American Nationalist: part 1

Reporting was contributed by Larry Buchanan, Weiyi Cai, Ben Decker, Barbara Harvey, Candice Reed, Michael D. Shear and Karen Yourish. Julie Tate contributed research. Nicholas Confessore is a New York-based political and investigative reporter and a staff writer at the Times Magazine, covering the intersection of wealth, power and influence in Washington and beyond. He joined The Times in 2004.

Often think back to this this post on Twitter from an encounter with Carlson at a fly fishing shop in Montana; it brings hope there are, could be, so many more democratic citizens in this country who feel, who know, the same. -dayle

“You are the worst human being known to man.”

Part II

May 1st

Reporter Nick Confessore:
Today, you can read Part 2 of our @nytimes
series “American Nationalist.” This installment takes you inside how “Tucker Carlson Tonight” was built, how Carlson shaped and reshaped the show — and how he made war on critics & rivals at Fox.
‘His new direction — Trumpism without Trump.
“He is going to double down on the white nationalism because the minute-by-minutes show that the audience eats it up,” said another former Fox employee, who worked frequently with Mr. Carlson.
To maintain its dominance in the post-Ailes era, the teams working on Fox’s evening lineup began to make wider use of expensive ratings data known as “minute-by-minutes.” Unlike the “quarter-hour” ratings more commonly used in cable newsrooms, which show how each 15-minute “block” performed, the minute-by-minutes allow producers to scrutinize an audience’s real-time ebb and flow. Mr. Carlson, determined to avoid his fate at CNN and MSNBC, was among the network’s most avid consumers of minute-by-minutes, according to three former Fox employees. “They’re all obsessed with the minute-by-minutes,” said a former Fox employee. “Every second that goes on that network now gets scrutinized.”

“Moneyball” for television: a data-driven, audience-first approach to deciding what to cover and how to cover it.

Lachlan Murdoch — sole heir to the throne. He’s widely viewed as having more conservative politics than his father.’

Trevor Noah at the White House Correspondence Dinner, April 30th, 2022:

“What we’re here for is to honor and celebrate the 4th Estate…and what you stand for…what you stand for…an additional check and balance that holds power to account and gives voice to those who otherwise wouldn’t have one.”

[Pick up his closing remarks at 22:45.]

[Image: CNN]

Extremely American

February 9, 2022


Post by James Dawson at Boise State Public Radio on Twitter:

“The Idaho National Guard wants to repeal a section of state law that bans private militias, saying it’s unconstitutional. A prominent anti-extremist institute disagrees.” #idpol #idleg

Why is the Idaho National Guard interested in repealing this? -dayle

“Militias have risen to prominence in recent years in Idaho.”

The 51st State

‘Way up in the Northern Rockies there’s a sort of mythical 51st state. It’s called the American Redoubt and it encompasses Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, and parts of Oregon and Washington. Adherents to its philosophy believe in a kind of theocratic limited government utopia, one with lots of guns. Alex Barron is the movement’s self-appointed “bard” and his rhetoric has all the violence of a Shakespearean tragedy.”What are you willing to kill for?” he asks a crowd of far-right activists wondering about where the line should be when responding to the government with force.Redoubters like Barron talk about their movement like evangelists and in a way they are – they are recruiting people to move there, live off the grid and run for office. And it’s working – they are reshaping their communities in Idaho and surrounding states, and as far as they’re concerned, those who disagree can leave.’

-Heath Druzin, @HDruzin, Boise State Public Radio

#MustListen podcast created and written by Druzin; immensely educational. It’s dark, yet absolutely necessary to unpack what is happening with the growth and organization of militia groups in Idaho and across the country. -dayle

Collective grief.

December 22, 2020

Seven teepees went up in Billings, Montana as a symbol of hope and a memorial to all those who have passed on in 2020. In the Apsa’alooke way, the teepee is a second mother who takes care of us all and who enter are blessed with good fortune and feeling.


Every :33 an American is dying from COVID.

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