September 18, 2020

    Emerson Collective


    Key Dates


    The primaries are over. Conventions went virtual. Ballots are being printed as we speak. Election season is in full swing. This election will be the most consequential of our time, so below you’ll find 10 simple steps and resources to make sure you’re ready to flex your constitutional muscle. And if you can vote early, please do.


    #1 – Check Your Registration
    National Association of Secretaries of State
    #2 – Register to Vote
    When We All Vote
    #3 – Make a Plan to Vote With This Helpful Guide
    The Washington Post
    #4 – Sign Up to Be a Poll Worker
    Power The Polls
    #5 – If You’re a Lawyer, Protect the Vote
    We The Action
    #6 – Set a Workplace Culture of Civic Engagement
    Time to Vote
    #7 – Stay Up-to-Date on the Latest Election Explainers
    #8 – Get Smart on the Latest Voter Rights Litigation
    Democracy Docket
    #9 – Know Your Rights When You Vote
    #10 – VOTE
    And tell everyone you know to follow these steps!


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