April 21, 2020

    Neil from Kids Safety Resource asked that I share their information on Dayle’s Community Cafe to help encourage our kids’ well being during COVID. ~dayle


    In these unprecedented times, we know that accurate information is vital. has published a resource about how to keep kids safe during the coronavirus outbreak. The resource includes:
    • Advice directly from a board-certified pediatrician, Dr. R. Allan Stanford MD, FAAP
    • When and how to take your kids to the doctor during this time
    • Health safety precautions to use at home for you and your kids
    • How to explain this pandemic to your kids
    • Advice for pregnant women

    Doctors are taking great strides to make sure that your family and kids are healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic. We reached out to a pediatrician to find out what he’s telling his patients and what safety measures his office (and others) are taking to keep children and families safe and the risk of infection low.

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