Songs to be sung.

    March 3, 2019

    ‘Daring to enter, we are humbled to discover, again and again, that the act of living itself unravels both the answer and the question. When we watch, we remain riddles to be solved. When we enter, we become songs to be sung. When life feels far off, remember that a flute is just something hard with holes until it’s played. So, too, the heart. In this way, the life of every soul waits like sheet music to be played. What good are we if never played?’ -Mark Nepo


    Blessed are you God of the universe.

    You have created us, and given us life.

    Blessed are you, God of the planet earth.

    You have set our world like a radiant jewel in the heavens,

    and filled it with action, beauty, suffering, struggle and hope.

    Blessed are you, God of Aotearoa New Zealand

    in all the people who live here,

    in all the lessons we have learned,

    in all that remains for us to do.

    Blessed are you because you need us;

    because you make us worthwhile,

    because you give us people to love and work to do

    for your universe, for your world and for ourselves.

    • A New Zealand Prayer Book/He Karaikia Mihinare Aotearoa. (1989).  p.142


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