The day after.

    October 28, 2018

    David Axelrod said to Wolf Blitzer on CNN after the massacre:

    “We Should…pause…to honor these people by reflecting on where we are as a country.” 

    I have stopped.

    You have not.


    What had a man not stopped that enabled him (Angulimala) to murder?

    And what had Buddha stopped that enable him to be enlightened?

    Though we will never know, we can suggest that the thing not stopped might be any form of running from the risk and pain of being alive, such as denial, hiding, projection. For any form of running from the truth of ourselves can lead to such a numb existence that one can become violent in order to feel. If we don’t stop running, we can murder ourselves again and again by taking the lives of others, either physically through violence or sexually through conquest or emotionally through dominance and control or professionally through power. We repeatedly need to have this conversation with ourselves in order to stay compassionate and real.

    -Mark Nepo

    ‘Be swift to love, make haste to be kind.’


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