September 1, 2016


Rep. John Lewis & Stephen Colbert


August 31, 2016

Rep. Lewis joins Colbert for an interview about the Civil Rights Movement and his graphic novel series, March. Oh yeah – – and there was crowd surfing.




On September 24th, the National Museum of African American History and Culture will open its doors to the public. Over 100 years in the making, this Museum represents the hopes and dreams of generations past and the promise of generations to come.

Located on the National Mall in Washington DC, this Museum will be a place where the full story of the African American experience can be told – from the injustices of slavery and Jim Crow to the triumph of Barack Obama and the challenges of Black Lives Matter.

“We will shine a spotlight on a history that has been too long neglected, forgotten, and even actively suppressed,” says Lonnie Bunch, Founding Director of the Museum. “It will remind us how much as a nation have been changed, challenged, and improved by the African American presence. African American history is American history, and this Museum is for us all.”

In anticipation of our opening, the Museum will launch a one-day giving campaign on Tuesday, September 13th to celebrate this momentous milestone for our nation and the African American community and to help ensure our future for all who follow.

To do this, we need your help. We need you to be a champion for us on Giving Day and reach out to your network of friends and share the story of this amazing Museum. We’re here to help you do this and will provide all the tools you need to spread the word about the Museum and this giving opportunity.

Become a Giving Day Champion in celebration of a museum that tells a more complete story of America, and let’s continue to share this amazing story of the African American experience with our nation and the world for generations to come.

Make history with us – #GiveNMAAHC and register as a Giving Day Champion.

For September, ducks in a row.

Power Path



It is a month of “getting your ducks in a row”, finishing projects, handling details, finally getting to what you have procrastinated, and making choices about what stays and what goes.

Mercury has gone retrograde for several weeks giving us a good container for the discipline and attention we need to stay focused on what is important. What supports us during this process is the opportunity to open our hearts to what is truly ours and to embrace our “business” from a place of acceptance and commitment instead of resistance.

There are a couple of subthemes and important influences we will be working with this month that are a necessary part of “taking care of business”. One is PROCRASTINATION. You know who you are, those of you who make a habit of procrastinating. Whatever the reasons behind your procrastination, it is time to “DO IT NOW” or eliminate it from your life completely. We advise making a sign of “DO IT NOW” and posting it somewhere where you are sure to see it all the time.

Because taking care of business this month includes tasks that you are way behind on, procrastination will be an influence to deal with. Procrastination holds a lot of energy. Whenever you procrastinate you spend way more energy worrying about, planning for and feeling bad, than the thing itself would take to do. People procrastinate for several reasons.

1. Fear. Fear of failure, fear of judgment or rejection, fear of success, of showing up and being seen, of inadequacy and ignorance. Usually this fear can be cured by reaching out for help and support.

2. Resistance. They just simply don’t want to do it. Either it is not theirs to do or they are in defiance towards the person or entity that has given them the task.  The cure is to get off the fence and either take responsibility and do it, or eliminate it from the “to do” list.

Whatever the reason for your procrastination, this is a good month to eliminate it and to take care of the important things you have been putting off. (there is help here on our monthly audio)

Another theme we are working with this month is the theme of RESPONSIBILITY. What business is yours to take care of and what business really belongs to someone else?  We recently did a workshop called “getting your ducks in a row” which is very much the discovery about what the business is that you need to take care of. The discovery also includes what ducks are in your row that are not yours and eliminating the habit of taking care of other people’s ducks. It’s also important to acknowledge where you have been handing your ducks over to someone else and not taking responsibility for them such as your health and your personal happiness and well-being. So tell the truth, forgive yourself and others and get your own ducks in a row.

So what Business are we talking about that you may need to take care of?

It can be anything from dealing with your taxes to fixing a crack in the wall or getting some overdue acupuncture, or starting that meditation practice you have been talking about for months, or finally losing the extra 10 pounds you have been carrying around, or dealing with a communication you have been putting off, or making a change in your life that you know is necessary. It also includes getting rid of old clutter that holds energy, reconfiguring your personal environment to better support you, finishing what can be completed and handling all the details that come your way in a timely and focused fashion.

Remember that clutter holds energy in a way that can keep you from moving forward. You may never suspect that those boxes of old photographs, or unfinished projects from years ago, or papers and correspondence from the distant past can be interfering with your ability to create something new. Even if they are not physically in your immediate environment, they are still extensions of yourself and part of your “business”. Letting go of these attachments will free you up for something new. (there is help with this on the monthly audio)

The key is to tackle your “business” with an open heart, and with enthusiasm and inspiration rather than dread. Don’t go at it alone. The collaboration theme of last month continues with the opportunity to always ask for help, making “taking care of business” potentially fun and communal. This is a time where a shift in consciousness is being supported by planetary influences. Taking care of our business and getting our ducks in a row will insure that we move into this new consciousness without old baggage.

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