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March 20, 2022

‘You can cut all the flowers,

but you cannot keep spring from coming.’

-Pablo Neruda



March 19, 2021

The Spring Equinox is Saturday, March 20th, at 3:37 AM MDT. 


This is the time when daytime and nighttime are equal all over the world. It also represents an equal balance between the sun and the moon, the masculine and the feminine. We are shifting from Pisces and landing on this equinox in the sign of Aries.


The equinox offers an opportunity to release the old and bring in the new with an emphasis on balance. This is a time of initiating a new self, a new expression and a new experience. What do you want your life to feel like? What is out of balance and needs to be trimmed? Are you in balance with your doing and your being, giving and receiving?

Do some work especially on Friday evening right before the Equinox to identify what is out of balance in your life. Write it or draw it, then burn or bury it with offerings of tobacco or sage or incense. Then take some time to express what you want and how you wish to feel with your life in balance. You can write these intentions down, share them with others, put them on your altar or somewhere you can be reminded of them daily.

This is a potent equinox as we are imprinting how we wish this new cycle to manifest.

Do your part, for yourself and for the planet. How do you want to feel when you read the news every morning?

This is not about the physical things and structures you think need to change, but more about shifting the emotional foundation from which we out-picture our reality.





March 19, 2016


Power Path


‘Spring Equinox is Saturday, March 19 at 10:30PM Mountain Daylight Time. (MDT) Honor this transition by completing something that needs it and by consciously intending for the birth of something new. What wants to be fired up right now? What needs a bit more power? What are you finished with?


This is a potent time between two powerful eclipses and what you focus on around this Equinox time will carry great power into the future. Even if it is just an idea or a decision that you commit to following through with, take the time to explore it and give it some attention. This is also a good time to try something new, do something out of your comfort zone and stretch your container a little bit.


Acknowledge this time as well as your own process with a ceremony using the elements of fire, water, air and earth. If you are releasing something, burn or bury it. Work with breath and water to bless and bring in something new.’

Nature…every part melting into another

May 13, 2015


“…bulbs of the Yellow fawn lily are an important food of the grizzly bear and Mule deer.”

“As I look at Nature I see ho every part melts into another in a great transmutation – – one part could not exist without the others.  In human nature the fusion of love and thought makes us One.  In the true meeting of hearts and minds there is scarcely even the need of words.  I know that in the One Mind there cannot be misunderstanding, in the One love all are included.”

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