60 years ago.

August 21, 2020

Eleanor Roosevelt

DNC in the summer of 1960.

From her book The Moral Basis of Democracy [1940/2016]:

“Therefore, as their elders leave the stage, it remains for youth to find a way to face the domestic situation, to meet the conditions which confront their country in its relationship with the other countries of the world” (p. 43).

The democratic theory of government and of life in a democracy opposes one-man rule, and holds to the belief that the individual controls his government through active participation in the process of political democratic government, but bows to the ill of the majority, free expressed” (italics mine) (p.7).

Hillary Clinton won the election by 2,864,974 votes. A handful of Electoral College members voted against the popular vote to put a man, wholly unqualified, into the presidency.

“…it remains for youth to find a way to face” this assault on the majoritive. If you register and VOTE, you will give the democratic process back to the American people.

Please. Vote. And find five friends to register. We need you. This country needs you.

NOVEMBER 3, 2020


Journey for Bernie

July 7, 2016

Caravan departing Tuesday, July 19th

‘The main train of the Caravan will leave from Berkeley, California MLK Civic Center Park at 8:00 AM July 19th and arrive in Philadelphia the night of July 22nd to prepare for convention.

The Caravan will have three main stops along the way were we will have rallies, parades and small festival activities to celebrate our passion for Bernie. These main meeting locations will be; Salt Lake City, Utah on July 19-20th, Goodland, Kansas on July 20-21st, and St. Louis, Missouri July 21-22nd.

Once we arrive in Philadelphia the night of the 22nd of July we will set up camp in the FDR park just outside the Wells Fargo Convention Center and be committed to stay there until the very end of convention on the 28th of July.

So, please come join us on what will be a truly historic event. We can have the change we seek, but only if we stand together! You can either launch this caravan with us on July 19th in California or join anywhere along the way.’


What is this Journey?

‘Journey for Bernie is a Pilgrimage to awaken the full potential of humanity. Millions have come together across our nation to catalyze a new era where people and the planet are placed above corporate profit and selfish greed. Bernie has been there for us his entire 40+ career. The time is now for The People to come together to support this noble man. The People KNOW Bernie’s voter numbers far surpassed Hillary’s prior to and the day of voting in most states all across the nation but due to massive voter suppression, election fraud, and the UN-Democratic maneuverings of the DNC and the mainstream media’s black outs, the establishment has done everything they can in their attempt to steal the Democratic Nomination from Bernie. Regardless, The People know we are winning and are committed to remaining in Philadelphia until the Democratic Nomination is awarded to the one candidate who truly earned it, our man, Bernie Sanders! Join us as we begin our Cross Country Caravan from Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Park in Berkeley, California to converge in Philadelphia’s, Franklin Delano Roosevelt Park. Embodying the great spirits of MLK and FDR, The People are proving that we have the WILL to RISE TOGETHER!’

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