Tourism in Idaho

Idaho Press

December 20, 2018

All those transplants living in Idaho? Visits from their friends and family are big for tourism

Tourism, Idaho’s third-largest industry behind agriculture and technology, grew by 11 percent in 2018. In 2017, Idaho businesses made $3.7 billion in direct travel dollars, according to data collected by the Idaho Department of Commerce. They recorded 34.3 million Idaho trips in 2017, 40 percent overnight and 60 percent just visiting Idaho for the day. More than 70 percent of Idaho travelers in 2017 were from outside the state, the department estimates.

Places like Boise and Sun Valley are some of the biggest draws, while out-of-state visitors on multistate tours are likely to try to hit Craters of the Moon or Stanley on their way to Yellowstone or other national landmarks. Borud said Idaho tourism’s marketing budget is small, so they focus on digital campaigns, targeting mostly women planning their family vacations.
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