Tiger Mosquitoes

Dayle in Limoux – Day #59

September 2, 2022

Do you know what this is? I didn’t either.

I was looking for baggies in my little kitchen not long after I arrived in Limoux. I found these, and was trying to figure it out and laughing. No clue. These little pockets and a small opening. I kept trying to pull them apart, to no avail.

I was looking for ice trays and couldn’t find any. And in the freezer of my very cool small SMEG frig looked like there was a frozen ‘package.’ I thought maybe it could be used for an ‘ice vest’ (102 that day) or maybe a cooler.

When the owner of this building came up to talk with me about something, I asked her about ice trays. She opened the freezer and handed me the frozen blue ‘package.’ She started laughing when I told her what I thought it was. Nope. They’re ice cubes!

The small opening was for the water that magically closes once the pockets of water are filled.

This is what it looks like when the pockets are filled.

And, the next morning, voilà! Glaçons!

Then, you just pop them out with the real danger of frost bite. :)

The plastic waste is a drag. Need those retro metal trays. I remember these!

Just about the hottest summer on record in France, as well as the worse year known for mosquitoes. And this little guy in particular causing havoc: the Tiger mosquito. I feel like I’m a walking test strip for malaria.

The Aedes albopictus [Tiger], originally from Asia, has been present in France since 2004. It is the vector for diseases such as dengue, chikungunya and Zika. [https://www.pasteur.fr]

I’ve lost count. Thinking mosquito netting. Three more on my face overnight. Do mosquitoes sense bites from other mosquitoes and then hone in on that particular body area? All summer, nothing on my face until two days ago…no clue.

See that dark brown tip at the very lower part of France? That’s me. Yay.

Very close to the river L’Aude. Probably a particular breeding ground. They love the water for hatching their babies. And there are lots of babies.

Aide-moi. [Help]

Jour du marche’ in Limoux! (Market day in Limoux!)

Never gets old. J’adore the outdoor cafe’s in France. Cafe’ avec de la creme, and Perrier avec glaçon. Parfaite.

Spotted this structure today in Limoux. I think it’s an old barn, quite old; other structures built around it over time. Isn’t it so great?! I found a similar structure in Alet-les-Bains. Need to call Chip & Jo. :)

Plotting my next adventure in Languedoc. Here we go!

À bientôt.


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