Pablo Neruda

Slava Ukraini 🌻

March 20, 2022

‘You can cut all the flowers,

but you cannot keep spring from coming.’

-Pablo Neruda



Two hearts.

February 2, 2019

If you place two living heart cells from different people in a Petrie dish, they will in time find and maintain a third and common beat.

-Molly Vass

Yet we often tire ourselves by fighting how our hearts want to join seldom realizing that both strength and peace come from our hears beating in unison with all that is alive. It feels incredibly uplifting that without even knowing each other, there exists a common beat between all hearts, just waiting to be felt.

It brings to mind the time that the great poet Pablo Neruda, near the end of his life, stopped while traveling at the Lota coal mine in rural Chile. He stood there stunned as a miner, rough and blackened by his work inside the earth, strode straight for Neruda, embraced him, and said, “I have known you a long time, my brother.”

-Mark Nepo

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