We are living liminal space.

May 30, 2020

In the universe, there are things that are known, and things that are unknown, and in between them, there are doors.

-William Blake


‘In liminal space, we must leave business as usual, which often looks like a sleepwalking trance through daily life if we are not conscious, and voluntarily enter a world where the rules and expectations are quite different. Some call it voluntary displacement. When we wake up in this way and find ourselves on the threshold of something new, we are shocked into realizing that our usual trance state is not the only option, and there might just be something more.

It would be difficult to exist in this time of global crisis and not feel caught between at least two worlds—the one we knew and the one to come. Our consciousness and that of future generations has been changed. We cannot put the genie back in the bottle.’

-Richard Rohr, Oneing


Divine Love.

June 4, 2019

‘By myself I am noting at all, but in general, I AM the oneing of love. For it is in this oneing that the life all people exists.

Julian of Norwich, also known as Dame Julian or Mother Julian, was an English anchorite of the Middle Ages. She wrote the earliest surviving book in the English language to be written by a woman, Revelations of Divine Love.


Without a nature-based spirituality, a profane Universe.

Creation is the order of love.

We did not know where to look for the DiVine. So we built temples and shrines to capture and hold our domesticated and tamed God.

Each living thing reveals some aspect of God.

Poet Gregory Orr, A gentle reminder of our singular relationship with the Earth.

We can enter into a relationship that’s deep and reciprocal and sustaining, where we give to the place, and the place gives to us.


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