November 3

60 years ago.

August 21, 2020

Eleanor Roosevelt

DNC in the summer of 1960.

From her book The Moral Basis of Democracy [1940/2016]:

“Therefore, as their elders leave the stage, it remains for youth to find a way to face the domestic situation, to meet the conditions which confront their country in its relationship with the other countries of the world” (p. 43).

The democratic theory of government and of life in a democracy opposes one-man rule, and holds to the belief that the individual controls his government through active participation in the process of political democratic government, but bows to the ill of the majority, free expressed” (italics mine) (p.7).

Hillary Clinton won the election by 2,864,974 votes. A handful of Electoral College members voted against the popular vote to put a man, wholly unqualified, into the presidency.

“…it remains for youth to find a way to face” this assault on the majoritive. If you register and VOTE, you will give the democratic process back to the American people.

Please. Vote. And find five friends to register. We need you. This country needs you.

NOVEMBER 3, 2020



February 15, 2020



February 8, 2020

“I know you. I will fight for you.”

Meet Amy Klobuchar

Senator Amy Klobuchar is the granddaughter of an iron ore miner, the daughter of a newspaperman and a union teacher, the first woman elected to the U.S. Senate from the state of Minnesota and candidate for President of the United States. Amy is running to bring people together, take on the major issues facing our country and to get things done. From leading the fight to win a 48-hour hospital stay for new moms and their babies to passing landmark legislation to end human trafficking, combat the opioid epidemic, protect consumer rights and strengthen our election security, Amy has the track record needed to build a better future for our country. That’s how she’s passed more than 100 bills into law as lead Democrat and was named the most effective Democratic Senator.

America needs a candidate who can beat Donald Trump and get our country back on the path to progress with an ambitious, optimistic economic agenda. Amy has won every race, in every place, everywhere, every time — including places President Trump won by more than 20 points. And that’s why she released a plan outlining the concrete steps she will take in her first 100 days as president to improve health care, combat climate change, pursue economic justice and shared prosperity, and build a stronger democracy and safer world.

As president, Amy will look people in the eye, tell them the truth and govern with integrity. If you think it’s time America had a president who does the same, join Amy to stand up to Donald Trump and say that people matter.

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