Visionary Anatomy

December 13, 2021

“Our stability requires near-constant maintenance.” -Thomas Myers


“Where does the body end and the mind begin? Where does the mind end and the spirit begin? They can’t be divided, as they are interrelated and but different aspects of the same all-pervading divine consciousness.” -B.K.S. Iyengar

Seane Corn, Revolution of the Soul:

“There is only one true revolution, and it begins within. End the internalized oppressive behavior by reframing the narratives we tell ourselves are true and heal from the ways that cultural, historical, generational, ancestral, and individual traumas have influenced our perception, and we will see an end to the pain and suffering the exist in the world. Why? Because when we heal the fractured parts of ourselves and learn to love who we are and the journey we’ve embarked upon for wholeness, we will see that same tender humanity in all souls. Doing the inner work creates compassion; it just does. Although doing to inner work is humbling and exposes the depths of our own humanity, it is only when can be fully in the human experience and see it for what is is ~ a process of being that opens us, through experience, to love ~ that we can love all the evolving, imperfect, and wondrous souls as they come home to themselves. So do your inner work and take action. Act as though lives depend on it, as though equality, justice, peace, and freedom depend on it. Because they do. Act like your own liberation depends on it. Because it does.”

Let’s wake up. Remember who we really are to each other, and do whatever needs to be done now in order to create a just, equal, happy, abundance, blessed, safe peace-filled, and loving world for all beings everywhere. It’s time.

“Cues from our mind body connection keep us safe and teach us how to accurately perceive both our limitations and our areas of strength. We wait patiently, trusting Gaia to lead us into a mature experience of who we are a physical, emotional, and spiritual being.” [Cindy Senarighi and Heidi Green]


“We know who we are, but know not what we might become.”


October 31, 2016


The matter of spirit.

October 10, 2016


‘It is the world that is enlightened and we who are intermittent.’

When I lapse between comets, I try to watch fish swim and hear birds glide while I trudge out of synch. And in a tremor of faith, I know if I don’t try at all, it will all return as surely and softly as light fills a hole.

Center yourself, and bring to mind the last time you experienced your being, and doing, as one.

-Mark Nepo

Phineas Quimby:

‘Mind is matter in solution, and matter is mind in form; but he said they are the matter of Spirit.’

Mary Maker Eddy:

‘Disease is the image of thought that appears in the body. They are saying the same thing.’


‘We see the universe as solid fact. God sees it as liquid law.’

This is the basis of our whole work – – that consciousness establishes its own form independently of any form that is already established, but only when it has new impulsion or idea or vision in the real of unconditioned causes.

-The Anatomy of Healing Prayer (1991)

Limitations of the Mind

July 9, 2015


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