Melissa Etheridge


February 20, 2020

‘I believe
A woman can work hard,
And succeed
And we could be content,
To believe
That she could be in charge of the free,
And be the president
If not now, when?
If not today, then
What happens tomorrow?

I believe
If I Look hard enough
I will see
That there can be enough
And I believe
I can think clear enough,
To conceive
A place where there’s enough

I believe
That we are waking up,
From a spell
That those that profit from the fear,
Cast so well.
And good people of the earth,
Now can tell,
There is no “us and them”!


All is love.

February 18, 2017

Truth is of the people
By the people
For the people.

︶⁀°• •° ⁀︶

I believe that we are waking up from the spell
That those that profit from the fear
Cast so well
And good people of the earth now can tell
There is no us and them

If not now, when
If not today then
What happens tomorrow

All is love
All is choice
Everyone and every voice
All of life that you see
All are possibilities
As above so below
To wed the sense into the soul
This is truth

I believe

I believe

I believe

-Melissa Etheridge

All There Is

August 2, 2015

All there is
Is atoms and space
Everything else
Is illusion

-Melissa Etheridge



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