Keith Ellison

‘…many who have “felt the Bern” have their eye on local politics.’

June 17, 2016


‘Hundreds, if not thousands, will be heeding the call of Minnesota congressman Keith Ellison, a Sanders endorser and convention delegate. “We need people running for school boards,” Ellison told The New York Times in May. “We need people running for city council. We need people running for state legislatures. We need people running for zoning boards, for park boards, to really take this sort of message that Bernie carried and carry it in their own local communities.’


‘Recent waves of social activism like the Occupy movement and Black Lives Matter show that you can fight city hall–or any other powerful entity for that matter. Now comes the playbook for citizen activists wanting to improve the world around them from Nick Licata, admired Seattle city councilmember and one of the city’s most effective leaders of political and social change since the 1960s. In this smart and powerful book, Licata explains how to get organized, congregate power, and master the tactics for change. He is insightful in comparing effective communication with methods that just don’t work. Licata’s observations on the intricacies of power will empower any activist who wants to make a difference in today’s world.’

‘Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.’

-Margaret Mead

‘Nationally, about 400 mayors, city councilors, county supervisors and school board members use Local Progress as a think tank and clearing house for alternative public policies. Assisted by the Center for Popular Democracy in New York, the group distributes a 60-page handbook for improving labor and environmental standards, housing and education programs, public safety and municipal election practices. At annual conferences — like its national meeting in Pittsburgh on July 8-9 — local victories of the sort Licata describes in his book are dissected and their lessons disseminated.’

‘The political revolution continues.’

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