Hero’s Journey

Science of Mind contributor, Dr. James Rouse

June 8, 2016

What if your life could be like your favorite movie, with you starring as its producer, director and hero? Courageous living and epic giving can flourish beyond Hollywood, according to Dr. James Rouse, and they may provide the key to a long, happy life. Rouse has studied the inhabitants of Okinawa, Japan, which boasts the largest population of centenarians in the world. These remarkable people thrive on “ikigai” — healthy passion and plenty of reasons to get up in the morning.

Rouse argues that each of us already creates our own screenplay, either by design or by default. Why not build it by design? Rouse’s infectious enthusiasm will make you a believer in this video: “The Hero’s Journey: Creating a Life You Love.” Learn how to forge the neural networks for your ultimate life, making it a movie you would want to watch over and over again!

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