Active Fractals

May 13, 2021

“Fractals can be found throughout nature; they are a complex network of patterns and relationships that portray the incremental growth of life. Found in snowflakes, trees, oceans and clouds, it can be used to understand rules and formulas that govern the environment at various scales.

Active fractals can be used as a model for the endlessly morphing network of modern behaviors in cities over time, from local to global scales. By defining the parameters and limits of fractal infrastructures, we can start to change spatial systems while still accommodating for individual variety and temporal growth.” Sirenia Yookyung Kim


Four our ancestors, a house, a fountain, even clothing, a coat, was much more intimate. Each thing, almost, was a vessel in which what was human found and defined itself.

Now, From America, empty, indifferent things sweep in…pretend things, life-traps…a house, in the American sense, an American apple, a grapevine, bears no relation to the hope and contemplation with which our ancestors informed and behold them.

November 13, 1925

From Seth Godin

July 7, 2015

Templates for organic and viral growth 

Each of these examples is different, but they all share common traits.

Invent a connection venue or format, but give up some control.

Show it can be done, but don’t insist that it be done precisely the same way you did it.

Establish a cultural norm.

Get out of the way…


EDM shows

Do Lectures

The Girl Scouts

Airbnb listings

No kill shelters

Vertical TEDx’s

Meetup events

Night basketball

Farmers’ markets

Rock climbing gyms

Alcoholics Anonymous

Ultimate frisbee leagues

Independent record stores

Grateful Dead cover bands

True Value hardware stores

Habitat for Humanity chapters

Seth Godin ❥❥

June 2, 2015

“The heart of real growth is a simple idea: People decide to tell other people.” 

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