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January 13, 2021

[Beinecke Library/Yale; Ticket to the U.S. Senate Impeachment of the President, 1868, from the Meserve-Kunhardt Collection.]

Time to put on your big boy pants, Mitch.


“No president has ever had so many members of their own party vote to impeach them.”

-Young journalist Gabe Fleisher

From an overnight streaming post on social media from Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, speaking to the nihilism of white supremacist violence:

“What claim will you have? That you rule over a destroyed society? That the ashes belong to you?”

‘When black people and their allies exercise freedom of speech, it is called violent insurrection. When white racists carry out violent insurrection, it is called free speech.’

-Tim Snyder
Entire feed:

Members of the National Guard rest below the iconic painting of our first president, on the day Congress impeached the 45th.

And the headline we never got to see.

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