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Where was Hillary?

July 21, 2015


From the Netroots Nation website:

Netroots Nation stands in solidarity with all people seeking human rights

“Netroots Nation stands in solidarity with all people seeking human rights.

With today’s Town Hall, our aim was to give presidential candidates a chance to respond to the issues facing the many diverse communities represented here.

Although we wish the candidates had more time to respond to the issues, what happened today is reflective of an urgent moment that America is facing today.

In 2016, we’re heading to St. Louis. We plan to work with activists there just as we did in Phoenix with local leaders, including the #BlackLivesMatter movement, to amplify issues like racial profiling and police brutality in a major way.

It is necessary and vital to continue this conversation. We look forward to doing so in the coming year.”

Democratic Presidential Candidates Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley wanted to speak, we’re trying to speak, and your audience wouldn’t let them.  They hackled, harassed and disrespected them.  Bernie Sanders has done more Civil Rights than any other candidate combined.  He organized anti-segragationn sit-ins in the ’60’s…he helped and campaigned for Jesse Jackson when he ran for president in the late ’80’s.  And where was Hillary?  After two days to reflect she responds through the Washington Post saying that it’s more than ‘economic inequality.’  OK…so why wasn’t she there expressing her message?  Because Hillary doesn’t do anything she can’t control – – she knew, and was most likely advised as to how this event would play out and didn’t participate.  Sanders and O’Malley tried and weren’t give than grace, or the space, to speak.  One of the leaders from Netroots Nation, Ashley Yates, admitted in an interview on MSNBC last night that the response these two candidates were given was orchestrated two weeks ago – – they didn’t have a chance.

From a post on Netroots Nation fb page:
Cole Shores: “Every American deserves a voice… except when they are invited on your stage as a guest. It doesn’t matter if someone is black, white, blue, purple, green, yellow, or aqua… it is all PEOPLE. Feel the Bern – – Bernie Sanders 2016 is the only guy you have running trying to help people with an actual course of action. How your organization treated him as a guest is disgusting.”

Here’s what happened in Phoenix Saturday night:


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