Emily in Paris

Dayle in Limoux – Day #45

August 19, 2022

[45 is my least favorite number now. Especially out loud. Quiet quitting. :) So, welcome to the day that will not be spoken.]

Today, baguettes and poop.

The French love pain, therefore, I love the French. At the local market I frequent here in Limoux, fresh baguettes morning, noon, and evening.

.80 €.

Yep. That’s it. 80 cents.

And it is the best. fresh. bread. you can imagine. And the aroma. So, pain and fromage and wine. Actually, Blanquette de Limoux. Could it even <get> any better. J’adore.

And the 💩.

In France, at least in Limoux, folks aren’t required to pick up after their pooches. Merde. As in, “J’ai marche dans de la merde. ” I haven’t yet, but oh so close because quite literally, it’s everywhere. The feral kitties do their part, too.

Maybe that’s why these little street cleaners come through all the time. The 💩.

Seems like I remember a reference to this when watching season 1 of ‘Emily in Paris.’ I didn’t realize it’s a thing.

‘As she steps out of her apartment building, Emily steps on dog poop. Disgusted, she decides to take a picture of the dog and its owner and posts it on social media with the hashtag #mindthemerde.’

Today’s memory:


I love this story so much. During the Tour de France, Lance and his buddies put a fundraiser together to buy bikes for the kids when they go back to school in Uvalde. Look at this.

From The Move:


‘There’s nothing better than a bike to help children Get Out, move, breathe, play and release — a great tool for positive mental, physical, and emotional wellness impact!

The children of Robb Elementary will join Flores Elementary this fall, creating a total enrollment of 800 students.

On August 27th, 800 bikes and helmets will be delivered to the children in the Uvalde, Texas community – $269,446 in donations.

Thank you for stepping up and making a difference for these kids!’


Bonne nuit.

Dayle in Limoux – Day #21

July 25, 2022

When we grant ourselves permission to live the life we want, there is little in the world that can stop us. Our weakness is often just a lack of faith – believing more in the limitations of the world than in the limitlessness of spirit. 

-Marianne Williamson

Vérité. Truth.

Sometimes, it takes a long time to unfold, but it will.








So, what are your feelings about public loos? Annie and I spotted one in Grenoble.


I said to Annie they need those for chicas, too.

Well, guess what. Reading in The Connexion French newspaper today they are!

Tres chic. But. Will they have a view?

These two shots are from Paris. Wait for it. Another Emily in Paris reference. She’s surprised while talking with her U.S. boss on her cell when a guy behind her starts to urinate publicly in one of those stalls. Couldn’t find a clip. BUT learned they are in Paris right now filming season III. Can’t wait. :)

Covid has hit 22 Maison. The owner of my building who lives downstairs is quite ill, trying to determine if she needs to go to the hospital. She absolutely should. I’m trying to encourage her to go. Not yet. She’s from he UK and her French is weak, and it’s difficult for her to communicate with them. Her breathing is quite labored and she’s coughing a lot. She had some health afflictions before I arrived and they have seemingly gotten worse. Now we know why. She found out a French friend tested positive today who she was near on Friday and Saturday. The owner didn’t have any tests so I took her one of my boxes. Almost instantly positive. So I tested, too. Negative. I have cold symptoms now, so I’ll test again tomorrow and on Friday. Drag. I was near her on Saturday. And although outside, we share a common space inside. I’ve been so careful, for so long…masks inside anywhere, and on public transportation, as well as outdoors if there’s a lot of folks, like marches (ourdoor markets). Yet this BA.5 is highly contagious as we know, and cases are going up 50% in France every week. Monkey Pox is also prolific. Humans, we are a mess.

This virus is not going away. Only morphing. And no one…no one…is wearing masks inside or out. Or social distancing. Seemingly, just me. <sigh>

I’m vaxxed and double-boosted, so, hoping for the best.

À bientôt.

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