Email etiquette

Email/verbal etiquette.

February 23, 2016


‘8 Common Communication mistakes(we don’t know we’re making)’

  1. Don’t abuse the subject line. If you’re starting a new conversation, start a new email chain. (U.S. News)
  2. Don’t send an email when you need an urgent reply. It’s unreasonable to expect one—instead try calling, instant messaging, or talking in person. (Lifehack)
  3. Don’t make huge hand gestures. They actually make you seem less powerful. (Business Insider)
  4. Don’t use buzzwords. Speaking in clear, direct language does much for your credibility. (MediaBuzz)
  5. Don’t use a one-size-fits-all style. When talking to a group of people, you should use a variety of communication techniques to make sure you hit every type of listener. (Inc.)
  6. Don’t ask conversational dead ends. Questions that can be responded to in two words don’t lead to meaningful conversations. (CareerBright)
  7. Don’t apologize when it’s not your fault. It’s a conversational filler that has you accepting responsibility—and blame—you don’t deserve. (The Daily Muse)
  8. Don’t finish people’s sentences. Rather than making you appear in sync, it just makes you seem impatient for them to finish. (Business Insider)


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