Brand New Congress

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June 17, 2016

Brand New Congress


“Brand New Congress is a project launched by Bernie volunteers to heed Bernie’s call by running 400+ candidates all at once to replace Congress in 2018. Right now, we’re building the infrastructure for what will need to be the largest campaign in American history. If you have the rare combination of time to volunteer, patience to build something from the ground up for 2018, and a team-player personality, then please apply here to help lead a central BNC team (even if you’ve already signed up to volunteer with us before). But first, it’s important to understand exactly what you’re getting into:

  • We want to give America a choice it’s never had before: Elect a Brand New Congress all at once — one that fights for working people because it will be made of working people.

  • BNC candidates will run together in a unified campaign that will free them from talking to millionaires and billionaires all day or worrying about campaign management, enabling the best leaders in our communities to stand for election with 100% focus on their constituents.

  • BNC candidates will not be career politicians, but teachers, nurses, principals, doctors, engineers, stay-at-home parents — working people who are good at what they do and stand up for those around them.

  • We learned the importance of organization and execution on Bernie’s campaign. The BNC will open offices and provide campaign tools everywhere at the BEGINNING of the campaign, not the end.

  • Our campaign will be led by dedicated grassroots leaders — with no artificial barriers between paid staff and volunteers. If you’re leading a BNC team, you’re an official leader.

It’s high time we had a Congress that responds to the will and the needs of Americans citizens, not the American oligarchy. Bernie’s movement has proven that together we can accomplish the impossible.”


The movement begins.

May 18, 2016


Brand New Congress

‘Let’s elect a Brand New Congress that works for all.’

‘Right now, this is just an idea that some of us Bernie volunteers and former staff have been talking about with each other. We’re all busy working for Bernie until he’s in the White House. But we’re proposing the campaign for a Brand New Congress as something to work on next. Only something as big and worthwhile as this can keep the revolution going—and it’s the only way to give Bernie the ability to make real change from the White House. If you would like updates or to get involved, please sign up and one of us will be in touch.’


Recruit candidates and organizers

‘We are asking supporters to organize events for a Barnstorm tour to hit a whole bunch of cities in the country. We’ll spread the idea, recruit organizers and scout candidates. Local organizers will continue the Barnstorms themselves to every Congressional District in their area.’

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