Sunday, January 30th, 2022

    January 30, 2022

    New Moon

    New Moon in Aquarius is Monday, January 31 at 10:46PM Mountain Standard Time (MST)

    Also known as the Black Moon, this Aquarius moon opens many possibilities for change, innovation, new ways of thinking, and an expansion of consciousness. Curiosity and questioning the status quo as well as a willingness to dig deep and root out anything that is keeping you imprisoned in any limitation is the way to embrace the gifts of this new moon. It will be a combination of highs and lows as you navigate emotional content, the past, present and future. Make it personal. There is no room for fear, blame or regret. You have the authority to make the time a productive, higher-centered experience, or get totally mired in depressive thoughts of futility and pessimism. Your choice. We also suggest that you take disciplined time to do your practices and set your intentions from the place of gratitude. Compassion goes a long way as well. What if you were emotionally free?


    Power Path

    Thomas Merton

    A Need for Truth

    “Man today has lost consciousness of a need for truth. What is sought is power. Truth is made to serve the ends of power. Truth is of no value unless it is expedient.

    When truth is  not expedient, then it is deliberately manipulated and twisted to serve the aims of the powerful.

    Objective truth is considered irrelevant. It is derided by the powerful, who can change truth to suit themselves, and and bend it this way and that for the sake of ambition and fortune.”

    Seasons of Celebration, 1965


    As an adult, many lives are lived.

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