Remember? I do.

    December 11, 2021

    Julian Assange is not a hero. And he certainly isn’t a journalist. He manipulated document leaks for his personal political motivations in 2016. And those actions directly led to 1.6.21. -dayle



    Wikileaks: Is Julian Assange interfering in US election?

    By Tom Spender



    Assange, Avowed Foe of Clinton, Timed Email Release for Democratic Convention

    Hillary Clinton says Julian Assange colluded with Russia to help Donald Trump win US election

    October 17th, 2016

    Ex-Ecuadorian president confirms Assange meddled in US election from London embassy
    Baltimore Sun
    Apr 18, 2019

    Assange helped sabotage U.S. election, remember?

    Every United States intelligence agency has concluded that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange worked hand-in-hand with the Russians as they interfered in our 2016 election.

    December 6, 2021


    ‘Cover story by Barton Gellman on a Republican Party still in thrall to Donald Trump—and better positioned to subvert the next election than it was the last.’

    “The next attempt to overthrow a national election may not qualify as a coup. It will rely on subversion more than violence, although each will have its place. If the plot succeeds, the ballots cast by American voters will not decide the presidency in 2024. Thousands of votes will be thrown away, or millions, to produce the required effect. The winner will be declared the loser. The loser will be certified president-elect.”

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