Darrell Lee Ohlau

    November 30, 2021

    Today would have been my brother’s 58th birthday.

    I love you, Darrell Lee. Led Zeppelin and Miles Davis on the turntable. Freshly frosted birthday cake. You are infinitely loved, and missed, everyday. You are with me. Always.

    Darrell with our great-grandmother, Alma Evelo Latta, in her backyard in Sparta, Illinois. ♥

    A screen capture after serendipitously being prompted recently to look for video from the grand opening of Planet Hollywood in San Diego, March, 1995…my radio days. Darrell is on the right (in white), and my kids’ dad, Billy Ashfield on his left, working the rope line. :)

    Sweet boy.

    Darrell Lee Ohlau

    November 30, 1963 – January 5th, 2000



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