Walking for Beth Ann. 💗

    October 7, 2021


    “I never asked to get cancer, but what I have asked is that through my life experience, if I can help just one person, then I have succeeded in my mission.” 

    Beth de Kruyff


    Beth Ann, left, and Robin Eggert Elm, right.



    For my dear friend, Robin Eggert Elm, and her cousin Beth Ann. After 10 years being cancer-free, Beth Ann was recently diagnosed with Stage IV metastatic breast cancer. Robin writes:

    On October 4th, she didn’t lose her life to cancer. She fought with all she had.  She spoke, advocated, fundraised, walked, and when she couldn’t walk, sat in a wheelchair, and cheered on those who could. I continue the fight for Beth Ann and all the way too many pink angels and warriors I, and all of you, love. Unfortunately, my list continues to grow.

    Please donate to Robin’s 3-Day, and for when we soon obliterate cancer. -dayle


    The day when pink is once again only a color.

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