March 12, 2021

    Feeling this deeply.

    A post on twitter yesterday from Saeed Jones.

    In some ways, this side of the pandemic is lonelier than the early months. I’m so anxious about the hopeful future. We went into hell together but now we’ve gotta find our various exits alone. -Saeed Jones

    Some thoughts in reply:

    ~I keep thinking that we really need to talk about the collective trauma we’re about to face when this is over and capitalism demands that we all immediately forget that it ever happened.

    ~This is the most real truth spoken about the pandemic. We all went into the pandemic as ourselves, but we are all coming out different people. And I think none of us know how to enter a new world with this realization.

    ~Like we all want things to be “normal” bc we crave the comfort of from it. But at the same time we all realize things can’t go back to “normal”. So we’re stuck w/this realization that we are diff ppl coming out of this & going into a world that is familiar but also needs changed.

    ~When the trauma is over & survival is assured is when you really feel the pain.

    ~Thanks so much for this. A friend sent me the link this morning and so many things clicked into place.

    ~The loneliness of this side of the pandemic really hit me hard…I was not expecting it.

    ~This is an exquisite & exact thought you are expressing; a feeling that myself and others couldn’t form the words from insight like you’ve done.

    ~Well said. I feel lost right now, wondering how to put it all back together. We evolved and adapted into this new thing. Everything is different than before.

    ~You just shined a light on everything that I’m feeling.

    ~This puts into words how I’ve been feeling, when I couldn’t describe it before.

    As of this posting, tens of thousands have responded. Many others are feeling what Saeed was able to define in word. ~dayle



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