March 18, 2021

    With love and empathy and radical compassion for our Asian American Pacific Islander Community and for all of us as a collective community to hear, and to listen.

    I’m sad. I’m tired. I’m heartbroken.

    I don’t really know what else to say

    so I’ll just say this:

    Take care of one another.

    Treat each other with kindness and respect.

    Call out racism.

    Be an active ally

    in ending hate.

    Stay safe.

    ~Nancy Yang, Minnesota Public Radio News Producer

    Demonstrators ake part in a rally to raise awareness of anti-Asian violence n Los Angeles. Photo : Ringo Chiu/AFP via Getty Images

    Thinking this morning about rocks and eggs thrown, racial epitaphs hurled, and hateful words snarled, “Go back to your own country.”

    For white supremacists and those who embrace nationalism, if this is what you believe, then the United States is not your country. You are not welcome here. You do not belong in our country.


    From AXIOS Twin Cities in Minnesota:

    Looking to show your support for your Asian American neighbors? The Asian American Organizing project shared these suggestions:

    • If you’re in a good spot, contribute financially to Asian American and Pacific Islander and Black organizations, especially if they support sex workers.
    • Continue to learn about the history and the impact [of] the Page Act, the Chinese Exclusion Act, Japanese Internment Camps [and] racial profiling.
    • Amplify our voices and our demands.
    • Build cross-racial relationships and solidarity. We can’t do this work alone.

    The Page Act of 1875



    Page Law (1875)


    This law prohibited the importation of unfree laborers and women brought for “immoral purposes” but was enforced primarily against Chinese. Legislated amid the spread of anti-Chinese fervor from the west coast to the rest of the United States, this law was an early effort to restrict Asian immigration without categorically restricting Asian immigration on the basis of race and instead restricted select categories of persons whose labor was perceived as immoral or coerced.

    This law prohibited the recruitment to the United States of unfree laborers and women for “immoral purposes” but was enforced primarily against Chinese.


    The AAPI Civic Engagement Fund believes that Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders must be an integral part of strengthening America’s democracy, improving the quality of life for all, and creating vibrant multiracial communities.

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