Holding steady.

    January 25, 2021

    Falling asleep last night, feeling the hopelessness of our entire political system and corrupt players; this piece I read earlier today is a needed reminder to hold steady. Hope-full. #36 The propagandist is out. Thought about this everyday. -dayle

    Washington Post

    50 things that are better already

    Opinion by Jennifer Rubin

    1. You can ignore Twitter

    2. The White House briefing room is not an Orwellian nightmare of lies

    3. We are now confronting white domestic terrorism

    4. We are not paying for golf trips

    5. There are no presidential relatives in government

    6. The tenor of hearings is sober and serious

    7. Qualified and knowledgeable nominees have been selected for senior spots

    8. We have a first lady who engages with the public

    9. We have not heard a word from presidential children

    10. We are now tough on Russian human rights abuses

    11. We get normal readouts of sane conversations between the president and foreign leaders

    12. The White House philosophy is to underpromise and overdeliver, not the other way around

    13. Manners are in, bullying is out

    14. You feel calmer after hearing the president

    15. Fact-checkers are not overworked

    16. Quality entertainers want to perform for the White House

    17. We have seen the president’s tax records

    18. The president is able to articulate policy details, coherently even

    19. The worst the press can come up with is the president’s watch

    20. We have a White House staff that looks like America

    21. We have a national covid-19 plan

    22. Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Anthony S. Fauci is liberated, sounds happy and even looks younger

    23. Fauci, not the president, briefs on the science of covid-19 and efficacy of vaccines

    24. Masks and social distancing in the White House

    25. The White House has policy initiatives and proposals, not merely leaving it all to Congress

    26. The administration is committed to releasing information, not covering it up, on the slaughter of journalist Jamal Khashoggi

    27. The Muslim ban is gone

    28. It is the Republicans not the Democrats who are in disarray

    29. The national security adviser has not been fired for lying to the FBI

    30. No Soviet-style fawning over the president by his subordinates

    31. The president takes daily, in-person intelligence briefings

    32. The president does not care about Air Force One colors

    33. We have a president familiar with the Constitution

    34. Real cable news outlets get high ratings, others not so much

    35. President Andrew Jackson is out of the Oval Office, Benjamin Franklin is in

    36. Voice of America is back in the hands of actual journalists

    37. We get memes about Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), not crowd size

    38. We are back in the Paris climate accord and the World Health Organization

    39. Instead of running it like a business, the new administration will try running government competently

    40. We have a president who doesn’t think military service is for “suckers” and who doesn’t send his “love” to people assaulting law enforcement

    41. The secretary of treasury nominee has her own Hamilton lyrics

    42. Amanda Gorman is a household name

    43. More than two-thirds of Americans approve of the White House covid-19 approach.

    44. No more work-free “executive time” in the presidential living quarters

    45. We have a churchgoing president “who has spent a lifetime steeped in Christian rituals and practices.”

    46. We have first dogs

    47. The vice president’s spouse does not teach at a school that bars LGBTQ students

    48. The White House takes the Hatch Act seriously

    49. The administration wants as many people as possible to vote

    50. The president will talk more to our allies than to Russian President Vladimir Putin


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