Santa is essential.

    December 10, 2020

    Quote of the Day:

    “This year, I would like end of Covid-19, world peace, climate control, new Xbox.”

    -A child’s later to Santa.

    Let’s cross off some of those items together. @theskimm

    “There is an ugliness and cruelty in our national rhetoric that is reaching a fevered pitch here at home, and that should worry us all. And, above all, I am terrified about the virus current trajectory.”


    “COVID-19 was the number one cause of death sin Idaho in November. In multiple counties the morgues are full and they are starting to ask for refrigerated trailers to hold bodies.” -Idaho Statesman

    But no mask mandate. Because asking nicely is working so well. -dayle

    On Wednesday, Idaho health districts reported a single-day high of 2,231 new coronavirus cases — 1,840 confirmed and 391 probable. Ada County alone reported more than 1,100 new COVID-19 cases in the past two days. A record 37 deaths were reported Wednesday, with counties across Idaho reporting fatalities connected to the coronavirus.


    [Image: AP]

    On Tuesday, hundreds of protesters gathered outside the Central District Health office while district board members attempted to discuss a public health order. Because the meeting was ended for safety, the board never voted on the order, which could have mandated masks in Boise and Elmore counties in addition to existing mandates in Ada and Valley counties.

    The following day, Lee announced three arrest warrants in connection with protests that took place outside of board members’ homes, including that of Ada County Commissioner Diana Lachiondo. The commissioner abruptly left the virtual meeting after she received a call from one of her children, who told his mother there were protesters causing a disturbance outside their home.

    Lachiondo, a Democrat, later responded in a Facebook post, calling on Little to “act boldly and with conviction,” and do what’s necessary to limit the coronavirus spread. She also called on other Republican leaders who have “politicized public health, who have amplified rhetoric, capitalized on it, tacitly endorsed it while holding hands with the most extreme factions in their party: take a hard look at what you’ve become. It’s far past time to do better.”

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