Zoomsgiving…for those you love.

    November 25, 2020

    Merci d’exister.

    Creation by Jen Bloomer, Radici Studios

    A Thanksgiving Prayer

    Don’t get revenge when wronged, but seek reconciliation.

    Don’t repay violence with violence, but seek creative and transforming nonviolent alternatives.

    Don’t focus on external conformity to moral codes, but on internal transformation in love.

    Don’t love insiders and hate or fear outsiders, but welcome outsiders into a new “us,” a new “we,” a new humanity that celebrates diversity in the context of love for all, justice for all, and mutual respect for all.

    Don’t have anxiety about money or security or pleasure at the center of your life, but trust yourself to the care of God.

    Don’t live for wealth, but for the living God who loves all people, including your enemies.

    Don’t hate your enemies or competitors, but love them and do to them not as they have done to you—and not before they do to you—but as you wish they would do for you.

    [Center for Action & Contemplation]

    In the COVID days ahead,

    ‘…give us the courage of warriors,
    the strength of saints,
    the love of new mothers,
    the resilience of gravity,
    the patience of breath,
    the freedom of children.’
    [Steven Garnaas-Holmes]

    Be safe. Be strong. Love from a distance. Wear you mask. Be kind.

    H A P P Y  T H A N K S G I V I N G

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