September 13, 2020

    Eye On Sun Valley

    “Dr. Anthony Fauci calls it the most important flu shot you will ever get.”

    Health officials recommend you get a flu shot any time after Sept. 15 into early October. Only 47% of Americans got the flu vaccine last year—Idaho ranked 4th lowest in the nation for children flu vaccination [American Academy of Pediatrics.] Rhode Island has the highest rate with 76 percent.

    Health officials want to avoid a twindemic, in which those sick with flu will inundate health clinics and hospitals at the same time people are seeking care for COVID.

    Or, worse yet, cases in which someone contracts both COVID and flu at the same time.

    Having flu makes one more susceptible to getting COVID. And getting both could be exponentially more serious, as both can cause pneumonia, respiratory inflammation of the heart, brain or muscle tissues and other maladies.


    Blaine County Idaho’s seven-day moving average remains low with just 0.4 cases per day on average, says Paul Ries.

    Only 45% of American’s wear masks to guard against COVID.


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