June 7, 2020

    Congressman John Lewis, who endured horrific beatings, threats to his life, and imprisonment as one of the original Freedom Riders, at Black Lives Matter Plaza. Rep. Lewis is the only surviving speaker of the March On Washington where Dr. King gave his ‘I Have A Dream Speech’

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    On December 31st, 2019, the congressman and civil-rights icon disclosed a diagnosis of Stage 4 pancreatic cancer. In his public statement, his tenor remained characteristically triumphant, even optimistic: “I have been in some kind of fight—for freedom, equality, basic human rights—for nearly my entire life. I have never faced a fight quite like the one I have now.” He added, “I have decided to do what I know to do and do what I have always done: I am going to fight it and keep fighting for the Beloved Community.” [The Atlantic]


    “I HAVE A DREAM …”

    (Copyright 1963, MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR.)

    “March on Washington”

    [Full Speech]


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