1918 & 2020

    April 8, 2020

    Credit…via Library of Congress, via Associated Press

    Why Is This Happening with Chris Hayes


    The Last Great Pandemic with John M. Barry

    ‘What did we learn from the last great pandemic? You don’t have to dig deep into the 1918 influenza before finding eerie similarities to today – be it the White House downplaying the severity of the virus or the social distancing measures recommended by public health officials. Author John M. Barry’s meticulously researched account of the 1918 pandemic in his book “The Great Influenza” was so affecting that it inspired then President George W. Bush to develop a comprehensive pandemic plan after reading it. There’s no one better to discuss the similarities and differences to what played out a century ago – and the far reaching reverberations this moment will have – than John M. Barry.’

    “The failure of the government in this is incomprehensible.

    We don’t have a plan.”

    -John M. Barry 

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    The Single Most Important Lesson From the 1918 Influenza

    Containment — the attempt to limit spread of a virus and even eliminate it — has failed.

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