March 10, 2020

    Her hands. ♡

    ‘Harriet Tubman died on this day…birth year unknown…born and raised in slavery, divined that God wished her to be free. She escaped to freedom, but realized she could not be truly free as long as others were enslaved. So she went back 19 times to “Pharaoh’s Land,” risking death to liberate 300 slaves.’ -Robert Ellsberg, Publisher, Orbis Books

    Harriet Tubman 2″ Self Inking Stamp – Perfect for Twenty Dollar Bills 

    [Available online]

    NYTimes, June 2019

    “Extensive work was well underway on a new $20 bill bearing the image of Harriet Tubman when Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin announced last month that the design of the note would be delayed for technical reasons by six years and might not include the former slave and abolitionist.

    Many Americans were deeply disappointed with the delay of the bill, which was to be the first to bear the face of an African-American. The change would push completion of the imagery past President Trump’s time in office, even if he wins a second term, stirring speculation that Mr. Trump had intervened to keep his favorite president, Andrew Jackson, a fellow populist, on the front of the note.”



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