‘You’re not crazy, you’re creative.’ ✧

    November 3, 2019

    A Circle expands forever
    It covers all who wish to hold hands
    And its size depends on each other
    It is a vision of solidarity
    It turns outwards to interact with the outside
    And inward for self critique
    A circle expands forever
    It is a vision of accountability
    It grows as the other is moved to grow
    A circle must have a centre
    But a single dot does not make a Circle
    One tree does not make a forest
    A circle, a vision of cooperation, mutuality and care

    —Mercy Amba Oduyoye 

    Mercy Amba Oduyoye, “The Story of a Circle” (Circle of Concerned African Women Theologians), The Ecumenical Review, vol. 53, no. 1 (January 2001), 97. Used with permission.

    Fr. Richard Rohr, Center for Compassion & Contemplation

    1. Affirming people’s potential is more important than reminding them of their brokenness.
    2. The work of reconciliation should be valued over making judgments.
    3. Gracious behavior is more important than right belief.
    4. Inviting questions is more valuable than supplying answers.
    5. Encouraging the personal search is more important than group uniformity.
    6. Meeting actual needs is more important than maintaining institutions.
    7. Peacemaking is more important than power.
    8. We should care more about love and less about sex.
    9. Life in this world is more important than the afterlife (Eternity is Gaia’s work anyway).

    Rilke/New Poems:

    Mohammed’s Calling

    …but the angel, imperious,pointed over and over

    to what was written on the page he held,

    and would not held and kept insisting: read.

    Then the man read, and when he did the angel bowed. 

    It was as if he had always been reading,

    and now was able to obey and bring to pass.

    Alexander Stoddard/Grace Notes:

    ’Any profound view of the world is mysticism.’ -Albert Schweitzer

    Love the questions. The bigger the questions, the better. The mysteries of life have never been understood by any human so far and never will be. The little things that make you happy, the order you put into your corner of the universe, the joy you feel from these small rituals, are mysterious. You’re not crazy; you’re creative. It’s all right if you are teased. Who cares? You do these things for yourself.


    The New Yorker

    [Bob Odenkirk is a writer, a comedian, and an actor. He stars in the AMC television series “Better Call Saul.”]

    ‘Many do not know that the Bible was once a “living document,” passed orally from person to person, and from generation to generation, before finally being written down. Even the most well-known Biblical passages went through countless iterations before arriving at the final, perfect, logical, cohesive, and treasured versions we now hold dear.

    Early written drafts of the Bible were the transcribed pontifications of travelling “storytellers,” who tromped from village to village in floppy sandals, swatting at flies, sipping beads of dew from the undersides of donkeys, and fighting dogs for scraps of raw meat. A close reading of the earliest known transcription of a popular excerpt from the Book of Matthew reveals that the “narrator” is suffering from low blood sugar. No doubt a syphilitic holy man dressed in desert rags, he searches in vain for just the right metaphor, a well-aimed zinger with which to make his point. The toil that the poor fellow suffers in so doing undercuts the very principle he is straining to illustrate.’

    [Full essay]





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