October 1, 2019

a list of political and cultural beliefs, and you have to match them with the % of Americans who hold those beliefs. Here we go.

__% of eligible Americans did not vote in 2018.
__% of Americans believe in creationism.
__% of Americans support universal background checks for gun purchases.
__% of Americans own half of the guns in this country.
__% of Americans are alt-right.
__% of Republicans support single-payer healthcare.
__% of Americans live in urban areas.

Okay, now match them with the numbers from this jumbled list.


Answers below.


(Some of these surveys are more recent and rigorous than others, so take ’em with a grain of salt.)

50% of eligible Americans did not vote in 2018. (2018)
40% of Americans believe in creationism. (2019)
89% of Americans support universal background checks for gun purchases. (2019)
3% of Americans own half of guns in this country. (2019)
5% of Americans are alt-right. (2018)
52% of Republicans support single payer healthcare. (2018)
80% of Americans live in urban areas. (2016)

The Media Divide

[Data: Morning Consult. Table: Axios Visuals[

News media companies make up 12 of the 15 most polarizing brands in America today, according to a new Morning Consult poll provided to Axios media trends expert Sara Fischer.

  • CNN and Fox News continue to be the most divisive news companies.
  • Why it matters: The gap between how Republicans and Democrats view national media brands like CNN and Fox News continues to widen, according to the polling, which points to an increase in America’s polarization.

Between the lines: The gap is being driven by substantial decreases in Republican approval of media brands other than Fox News.

  • The difference between how the two parties viewed CNN grew from a 66-point gap last year to an 80-point gap this year, due to a 12-point drop in net favorability among Republicans, from -13% to -25%.
  • Republicans held more negative views than Democrats of every media outlet on the list except for Fox News.
  • The difference between how the two parties view Fox News grew from a 54-point gap last year to a 74-point gap this year.

The bottom line: Even outlets that are generally considered nonpartisan, like ABC News and CNBC, rank among the most polarizing brands in America.



Autumn Day

Lord, the time has come. Summer was abundant.

Cast your shadows over the sundial,

across the fields unleash your winds.


Command the final fruits to ripen.

Grant them two more southern days,

bring them to fullness and press

their last sweetness into the heavy wine.


Who  now has no house will not build one.

Who now is alone will remain alone,

will read into the night, write long letters,

and, restless, wander streets

where leaves are blowing.


-Rilke, Book of Images

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