Knock Down the House.

    May 1, 2019


    “How do you prepare yourself when you don’t know what’s coming?”


    This is more than about AOC. It’s about hope in American politics.

    The new Netflix documentary is worth a watch, no matter your political persuasion.


    ’Knock Down the House is the rare documentary about today’s American political landscape that might make you shed happy tears. After a triumphant festival run — including winning the Audience Award for US Documentary and Festival Favorite Award at its Sundance premiere in January, now streaming on Netflix.

    It sounds a broad note of hope: It’s not just blowhard billionaires with media expertise who have a chance to represent “real America.” Plain old shoe-leather canvassing and showing up in your community can make a real difference.’

    [Hurry! See this one. Invite folks who don’t have Netflix—you’ll be cheering!]


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