The Yes Men (Did it again.)

    January 16, 2019

    This was supposed to be real.

    This was not. (How I wish.)

    ‘Fake editions of the Washington Post with a large headline announcing DT’s departure from the White House were passed around Washington DC early Wednesday morning by a group of activists.

    The paper, which was printed on a broadsheet eerily similar to the real Washington Post, was dated 1 May 2019 (with a high in DC of ’79’) and included a series of anti-Trump and women empowerment stories. The stories and a PDF of the spoof newspaper were also published on a website that imitated the Washington Post’s homepage.

    “Trickster activist collective” the Yes Men revealed they were the organization behind the prank newspaper later Wednesday following initial confusion on who was behind the paper.

    The Yes Men have conducted similar stunts before, passing out a satirical of the New York Times in 2008 with the headline “Iraq War Ends” and a similar fake edition of the New York Post in 2009 about climate change around New York City.’

    The Yes Men are a culture jamming activist duo and network of supporters created by Jacques Servin and Igor Vamos. Through various actions, the Yes Men primarily aim to raise awareness about problematic social and political issues. [wikipedia]

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