October 17, 2018

    “Be ye diligent that ye may receive the mysteries of Light.”

    -Pistis Sophia [Gnostic]

    ‘A word of counsel to people who are seeking to demonstrate about great big things: shut up about it. Don’t talk. The world does not believe, and they reflect their doubt. Keep your power within yourself. Insulate yourself, encompass yourself with it, protect yourself with it, surround yourself with it. That is putting on the armor of faith against the false thought of the human race. Get that big consciousness if you want to do something that takes a great deal of money to do it, takes a lot of understanding, takes a lot of people engaged in it…something that [is] an awful big thing. That is the point: Do something new.’

    -Love & Law: The Unpublished Teachings (2001), pp. 114-115.


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